Licensing F.A.Q.
StableBit CloudDrive
A secure virtual hard drive, powered by the cloud.

Q. What happens to my files on the cloud drive when the trial license expires?

You will still have full access to your files on the cloud drive. However, the upload speed to your storage provider will be severely throttled.

When the trial expires you can choose to purchase a retail license, or to take your files off of the cloud drive at full speed, and then uninstall the product.

If you are running a BETA, you have the additional option of installing a newer version of the product (if one is available) and getting a new trial license for another 30 days.

Q. How does purchasing a Retail license work?

After placing your order at your payment method will get authorized by our payment processor (E.g. PayPal). Once your payment method gets approved, will charge you for the purchase price. At the same time, you will be assigned an Activation ID that you can use to license your product. We will send you information confirming your order, the Activation ID, and activation instructions by email. Save this, it's important.

Once you have your Activation ID, just enter it into the application's licensing window and your license will be activated.

Q. Can I buy additional StableBit products at a discount later?

Yes you can. As an existing customer, you get to save on the purchase of other StableBit products.

Just visit and enter your Activation ID at the bottom to see the available discounts.

Q. How quickly can I purchase a license and start using it?

Licenses are activated instantly, right after your payment gets authorized.

Q. How many computers can I install the application on?

That depends on how many licenses you've purchased. A single personal license can be activated on any one computer for an unlimited time.

Q. What if I'm dual-booting, do I need additional licenses for each Operating System?

No, you can use the same license in multiple Operating Systems, as long as they're running on the same physical hardware. Note that this does not include virtual machines because they may emulate virtual hardware.

Q. What is the upgrade policy for a Retail license?

All future versions of the product are included in a Retail license.

Q. Is license activation tied to the hardware in any way, and what happens if I upgrade my computer?

Yes. License activation uses various components in your system for identification. If a piece of hardware changes you will have the option of automatically transferring your license to your new hardware.

Licensing does not keep track of hardware that changes often, such as add-on cards. It keeps track of more permanent things such as your motherboard.

Q. What happens if I need to get a new computer entirely?

If you want to uninstall the software from one computer and install it on another, you will need to use the Deactivate button in the licensing window. First, deactivate the copy running on the old computer, then install the software on the new computer and activate using the same Activation ID.

Q. Will your licensing system affect the stability and performance of my system?

Some licensing / DRM schemes are really out of control. They install kernel drivers and hook system resources in order to audit your activities without your permission.

Of course we don't do any of that. We use our own licensing system that is built in-house. It's designed to be very fast and lightweight. It doesn't install itself into the Operating System, it doesn't audit your activities and it doesn't adversely affect the performance of your system. It simply exists within the confines of our own application in order to provide the necessary facilities to grant a trial and to activate retail licenses.

Q. Does the StableBit CloudDrive licensing system require a persistent Internet connection?

Yes. StableBit CloudDrive requires an always-on persistent Internet connection in order to function, and the licensing system requires this as well.

Q. I have another question regarding licensing, will you help me out?

Of course. Contact us at any time with any concerns.